With so many places that you could buy a suit in the Twin Cities, if you didn’t know which stores to head for it could seem a somewhat daunting task. Although it’s not possible to discuss here all the suitable tailors and menswear stores where you might make your purchase, it provides a selection of stores where you might like to start your search for a good suit.

Although the selection of a suit should not be too heavily underpinned by its cost, it is understandable that when on a tight budget this factor becomes a lot more pressing. The good news is that when looking for a suit in the Twin Cities there are a number of stores that can offer high quality suits at a very reasonable price. Starting with JoS A Banks in the Gaviidae Commons shopping mall in downtown Minneapolis, here you can find a wide range of suits that cost up to 30% less than the same suit would be at another menswear store; their excellent sales staff are also very obliging. Another good option for those seeking an affordable suit is Milbern Clothing in the Midway District of St Paul; with over 2000 suits to choose from, including those by big names such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, their helpful staff will ensure that you walk out of the door with a suit you are thoroughly happy with.

If you are looking for a suit that fits exceptionally well, your search for a suit in the Twin Cities would best take you to one of the stores that provides a tailoring service to produce a made to measure suit. A well established business is usually a very safe bet, so head to Hubert White in downtown Minneapolis, which has been trading since 1916. Here you can look forward to a suit crafted by its team of very experienced tailors, who will be able to produce a garment to suit your own sense of style; their customer service really can’t be faulted. Also in Minneapolis, Top Shelf, in the centre of the city, has thanks to its reputation for high quality and excellent service allowed them to become one of the largest providers of custom-made menswear in the United States. Heading over to St Paul, Heimie’s Haberdashery in the downtown area really shouldn’t be missed. Before you even enter the store you have a very good idea of what lies ahead thanks to the grand nature of the building and its beautiful setting. At Heimie’s Haberdashery every detail is taken care of with regards to the quality of its garments and the service offered to customers; expect to have a very unique and personal experience whilst a customer there. One of the appeals of this store is that the suits available is constantly changing from one season to the next, so you can be sure that any suit you wear from here will be the height of fashion and a few heads are bound to turn when you walk into a room wearing your new suit.

We all know how good it feels to find a suit that is the exact fit, but how often does that happen? Sometimes it can just be a case of luck as to whether we end up with a suit that fits just right, but it does not have to be this way. Giving some time and close attention to the matter can ensure that you walk out of a store with a well fitting suit every time. So what is the secret?

The key to finding a suit that fits spot on is to do some homework with regards to the store where you choose to buy your suit from in the first place. All too often, people just walk into the first menswear store that comes to mind, which is no way to start an important purchase. Instead, to find a suit in the Twin Cities, ask for recommendations from striking dressers that you know and research which menswear stores are well established and are known for their quality and service – a suit will never fit well if poorly crafted and if you don’t receive the necessary help from staff. If you are not on a tight budget, you might like to consider opting for a menswear store that can offer a made to measure service, as this is one of the best ways to guarantee the suit is a perfect match to your figure.

Although no substitute to your own ground work – as after all everyone has their own criteria for exactly what they want when it comes to selecting a suit – here are some suggestions for where you might like to consider if you are hoping to find a suit in the Twin Cities.

Established in 1976, Top Shelf in the centre of Minneapolis has grown to become one of the largest providers of custom-made menswear in the United States. This is of no surprise, as its team of dedicated tailors ensure that only the highest quality of suits is delivered to its customers. The suits offered by Top Shelf have kept up to date with changing fashions, so you can be sure that your purchase won’t just fit well, but will be stylish into the bargain.

Hubert White of downtown Minneapolis has been providing high quality suits to its customers, along with an excellent service, since 1916. Its current team of four tailors have 150 years of experience between them, which would be hard to beat. Although the store has kept with certain traditions, the suits they tailor are fashionable and can be personalized to your individual style.

Moving over to St Paul, Heimie’s Haberdashery at the heart of its downtown is the place to go to find a suit in the Twin Cities. Providing top quality suits and an exceptional customer service, choose to get your custom-made suit from here and it is unlikely that you will be disappointed; not only will you get an excellent fit from your suit, but thanks to their collection that changes with the seasons, you will be at the height of fashion and be sure to stand out in a crowded room.

So, your quest is to suit up in the Twin Cities? If you’re not used to wearing a suit, you would be forgiven for thinking that buying one is as simple as walking into a menswear store and selecting one that you like the look of. However, finding a well fitting suit that reflects your own style is a careful operation, which requires a bit of work on your part. It is as much about selecting the right suit store as anything else, as once you have found somewhere that is able to deliver quality and good service, the chances of you finding the perfect suit are greatly increased.

Before we discuss a few stores in the Twin Cities that you might like to visit to find your suit, it might help to know what you should be looking for in a good suit store. Experience counts for so much, as with years of producing and selling suits they are likely to have set up a large client base thanks to the quality of the garments and the great service that they offer to their customers; choose a well-established tailors or menswear store if at all possible. Select a store that also provides a wide range of suits, which has kept abreast of changing fashions and is happy to cater for their customers’ individual tastes – that way you will be able to walk away with a suit you are entirely happy with. Always – and this is a must – see some examples of the store’s workmanship; this won’t be a problem if a store has suits for sale on rails, but if all their suits are custom-made, ask to see some that have recently been finished. If they are tailoring their suits find out how long you would be expected to wait for your finished garment – essential information, as you need to be sure that they can deliver the goods before you need to wear your suit. Finally consider costs; you will no doubt have a budget that you need to stick to, but do not let this cloud your judgement regarding the quality of their suits or the service they provide.

If you are looking to suit up in the Twin Cities, with the aim to stand out from the crowds and no expense is to be spared, there are a couple of stores that would fit the bill perfectly. First is Hubert White in downtown Minneapolis, where their experienced tailors unleash their creative flare to produce made to measure suits that will really set you apart. Then there is Heimie’s Haberdashery in downtown St Paul, where you can look forward to stylish suits that change with the seasons. Both stores offer exceptional customer service.

However, if you need to suit up in the Twin Cities on a tight budget, there are two stores that you might be interested in – JoS A Banks in the Gaviidae Commons shopping mall in downtown Minneapolis and Milbern Clothing in the Midway district of St Paul. These stores both sell high quality suits, including leading brands, at a very reasonable price.