If you’re in Minneapolis and are looking for the perfect suit you will be spoilt for choice. Whether it is a suit to meet your business needs or to wear to an interview, or to a formal dinner, you can suit up Minneapolis and look like a trendsetter. With a variety of colors, trends and styles to choose from signature collections made of the highest quality fabrics in uncompromising styles. For the active and busy professional when you suit up Minneapolis you can opt for the almost wrinkle free variety of suits. This way you can look as fresh as you did at the start of the day even after you’ve spent long hours at work. Suits lovers in Minneapolis can opt for customized suits in classic and modern silhouettes. Suit shops in Minneapolis guide customers through customized selection of fabric, discussing cuts and styles before finalizing on what you really want. For those of you looking for the perfect fit, Minneapolis offers shops that follow a detailed measurement system so that your suit is specifically made only for your body. When you suit up Minneapolis you can choose from a wide range of options that are available to make a selection. Whether it is for a new job or a special occasion, when you buy a suit in Minneapolis you will look your best. There are several stores in Minneapolis that sell highly expensive designer clothes off the rack at discounted prices, making it affordable for you. So if your choice matches with what’s on offer you may just find yourself owning a designer suit at a fraction of the actual price. Wherever you shop for a suit in Minneapolis be confident that you will find a good quality one and it will help you appear stylish and confident.

Whether you are new to Minneapolis or have decided it is time to smarten up your image, the prospect of finding a suitable tailor or suit store can be daunting; with so much choice it can be difficult to know where to go to find the perfect suit. However, if you are looking to suit up in Minneapolis, the following suggestions for selecting the tailor or retailer that is right for you should see you safely on your way.

Before you even search for the available tailors or menswear stores, ask around for recommendations. While personal recommendations can speak volumes, you should be selective of who you seek advice from, as some people can be easily pleased; smartly dressed colleagues and friends are a good bet, but so too are online style forums, whose members usually take great pride in their appearance and local members are likely to have extensive experience of the task in hand – to suit up in Minneapolis. With some recommendations in mind, you can then find out some basic information online before your visit, when you should be armed with a list of questions to determine whether the tailoring will meet your needs.

Experience is a key criterion that you should look for, as an established tailor is far more desirable than one who has barely been in business for a few years. Discuss your preferences and styles to see whether they share your vision and whether they are open to suggestion if your views are dissimilar; this will give you an idea of whether you will be able to work together. A good tailor should be more than happy to provide you with samples of their work – at the very least photos, but ideally actual samples for you to see for yourself the quality of the tailoring. Equally someone who produces high quality tailoring should have no problem providing you with a list of satisfied customers; though don’t just take their word for it, seek to make contact with them yourself if you are able to. It is also a good idea to find out about the timescales that they can work to; while it is reasonable to expect a quality product to take time to produce, at the same time you don’t want to be waiting months to receive the finished product. While price should not be too high up your priority list, it is still a consideration; though remember you tend to get what you pay for.

Despite all the advice above, if you are still struggling to find somewhere that will allow you to suit up in Minneapolis, the following businesses might just be able to provide the suit you are looking for. Hubert White in downtown Minneapolis has been providing high quality tailoring since 1916 and between them their tailors have 150 years experience. Top Shelf in the centre of Minneapolis, which thanks to its excellent customer service and having kept abreast with changing fashions, has become one of the largest retailers of custom-made menswear in the United States. Finally, Atmosfere in uptown Minneapolis prides itself on taking into account customers’ individual styles.

If you are looking to find a suit in Minneapolis, it can be difficult to know where to begin. With a range of tailors and menswear stores in Minneapolis, which do you go to? Any of them could potentially provide you with a great suit, but equally you might walk away disappointed with a suit that does not match your sense of style or fit well.

Asking well dressed acquaintances for recommendations can be a good starting point, as can joining an online style forum to ask members’ expertise. With the internet it’s also very easy to do some of your own research into tailors and menswear stores. Look for a business that can offer experience and one that values their customers’ opinions and own style. However, a face to face meeting is essential before you can decide exactly where to find a suit in Minneapolis. You need to see examples of their workmanship for yourself and have a discussion with the tailoring staff to check that your ideas will gel. Also find out about the timescales on which they operate and the all important question of cost; you obviously want to find a tailor who charges a reasonable rate, but make sure that this is not at the expense of quality.

While everyone has differing needs when it comes to finding the right suit, here are three businesses that might be able to help provide you with exactly what you are after.

Top Shelf

This central Minneapolis tailors provides custom-made suits and shirts. Established in 1976, it has been providing a high quality service by its team of dedicated tailors ever since. Not only this, but it has kept pace with changing fashions, which has helped it to become one of the biggest providers of custom-made menswear in the United States. If that isn’t a good indication of their workmanship, what is? As well as producing new garments they can also make alterations to any existing suits you may already have.

Hubert White

Situated in downtown Minneapolis, this family run business has been going since 1916, providing made to measure menswear. They produce suits to the highest quality; while they have kept with traditional styles, they have injected creative flair and are happy to listen to what their customers are looking for in a suit. Their team of four tailors has 150 years experience between them, so you can almost guarantee their work will be top notch.


This uptown Minneapolis firm may only have been running since 2005, but its owner has a long history of working in fashion retail. While they do not offer a made to measure service, tailoring is available. Taking into account their customers’ personal styles is of great importance to them and they offer a very personable service. If you are looking for great fashion and high quality menswear offering good value for money – not cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for – this is another business well worth visiting if you are on the hunt to find a suit in Minneapolis.

Shopping for a suit in Minneapolis should not be a problem, as with so much choice you should be able to find a suit to meet your requirements. However, therein lies the difficulty; with a wide range of tailors and outfitters, the right suit is out there, but how do you find it?
It’s easy when you’re familiar with a city, you go to the store that you know is tried and tested; but if you’re new to town and don’t have prior experience or are yet to make the acquaintances who can guide you to the perfect suit in Minneapolis, it’s tricky. You could spend hours searching online for all the tailors and menswear stores in Minneapolis, comparing them against the criteria important to you in suit selection and then make a short list to visit. However, if you don’t have the time for such research, here are a range of five stores that might lead you to the suit you’re looking for.

Hubert White

Since 1916 this family owned tailors in downtown Minneapolis has been providing high quality suits and an excellent service to its customers. With four tailors who between them have a century and a half’s experience, you will be hard pushed to find better workmanship elsewhere. If you are after a traditional suit that’s no problem, but if you’re after something edgier and more modern, that can also be arranged.

Elsworth Menswear

Another store in downtown Minneapolis, Elsworth Menswear is coming up to celebrate its 100th birthday. It stocks selected lines from Jack Victor suits – which change with the seasons – and with a wide range of dress shirts to accompany their suits, one of their personal shoppers will be happy to help you find the look your are hoping to achieve.

JoS A Banks

Situated in the Gaviidae Commons shopping mall in downtown Minneapolis, this national chain of menswear – which is over a century old – stocks a wide range of suits. Whether you need a suit for business purposes or for leisure, and whatever style and fit you have in mind, JoS A Banks will be able to help you out in your hunt for a suit in Minneapolis. They pride themselves on being typically 20-30% cheaper than their competitors, so whatever your budget you should be comfortably able to afford a suit from this store.

Top Shelf

In central Minneapolis, this store has become one of the largest retailers of custom-made suits and shirts in the United States; it is no surprise from its ability to keep up with changing fashions, the unbeatable quality of the garments they produce and the impeccable customer service they deliver.


Although a relatively new store in uptown Minneapolis, the owner has much experience in fashion retail and likes to ensure that customers’ individual needs are catered for. They provide a tailoring service for the suits they stock and aim to provide customers with suits that are not just fashionable, but are of the highest quality and come at a great price.