When you want to make a lasting impression in the boardroom, interview or in office, you have to suit up for success. How you dress in the professional scenario can make or break your image. Therefore it is important that you make a conscious effort while selecting your suit for interview and your office attire. As a man your choices while you suit up for success may be more limited than a woman’s. However, it is still important and you must do everything you can to avoid fashion blunders. To start with you need to own a minimum of two suits. The two preferred colors are navy and grey. For an interview it is best to opt for a single breasted suit instead of a double breasted one. Though a two button suit is considered more classic, a three button one is permissible as well. While selecting the fabric when you suit up for success, keep in mind the season and choose appropriately. A white shirt is always the safest option when you are selecting office attire. Black lace up shoes that are well polished can make a world of a difference in how you are perceived in the corporate world. Accessories such as smart cufflinks, coordinated ties and a watch make powerful fashion statements and must be chosen with care. Your suit acts like a mode of non verbal communication, sending out signals about you to your employer. That’s why it is important that you send out the correct ones. Keep your clothes clean and well ironed at all times and do not show up at your work place looking shabby. Grooming and hygiene are equally important criteria to be considered while creating a successful image. It is expected that you look professional and are perceived to be successful.