If you need to dress up and go out in the morning you need to suit up for the day. You need to select a very different kind of suit from the one that you’d wear for a function in the evening or at night. Though formal day coats are often made of black fabric they are contrasted with non matching shades, stripes or checked patterns and tasteful waistcoats, ties and shirts. And these result in helping you suit up day and yet look smart and formal. When you suit up day, decide what you want to wear. You may choose from a popular tailcoat known as cutaway or morning coat. It is a popular day suit for weddings. It is double breasted, closing with one button and has tails that fall below the knees. This type of day suit has only breast pocket. If you need to suit up day you have to be clear about the occasion. If it is only to a formal gathering just one day suit will suffice. However, if you wear a day suit to work then you will need to expand your wardrobe. You may wear several different colored shirts and ties with the same suit in order to get maximum usage from your day suit. A popular color for day time suit is grey. Navy blue is also a color that suits most complexions. Suits bought for day wear in spring and summer season can be in shades of blue as well as tan. For an informal occasion you can also wear a check suit, popular options include black and white checks. Remember to keep in mind the temperatures while selecting your day suit. If you are getting it tailored you should choose fabric that will be most suitable for day wear.