While women might tell you that you look good whatever you wear, there’s no hiding that they prefer a man who wears a suit. Although when you suit up you are more smartly dressed, the reasons for favoring men in suits go beyond this. So why do women have a soft spot for men who dress in a suit?

A suit adds a touch of class to whoever wears one and gives you an air that says you have something about you; women will be eager to find out more. Not only this, but a suit encourages you to adopt a better posture – you tend to slouch when you wear casual clothes – which makes you come across as being more confident; this confidence can make up for other areas of your physical appearance that might be lacking and confidence is an attractive trait, as long as you don’t become over-confident. Wearing a suit also says to women that you have made an effort with your appearance and they see this as a sign that you will apply the same principle to other areas of your life and potentially your life together.
Additionally, when you have a suit on you are more inclined to take more interest in your personal grooming – you are more likely to shave and pay attention to how your hair is styled – which is a draw to women, as they are more likely to select a man as a partner if he scrubs up well. Women aren’t interested in men who try to dress younger than they are –it’s often mistakenly thought that doing so can takes years off you, but it invariably doesn’t work, as women prefer men who dress their age, which a suit can help with. When you suit up you also appear more mature, something that women associate with stability, which so many of them will be looking for in a relationship and your suit will hint that this is on offer. Lastly a suit is a tool that can be used to grab women’s attention. If they are used to seeing you in jeans and sweatshirts, what a difference it will make to the way that women view you; not only will they be pleasantly surprised to see your suit, they will suddenly realize there is likely more to you than they first thought, which will encourage them to get to know you better to find out what that is.

If you’ve been convinced that a suit will make you more attractive to women, what should you look for when you go to find a suit in the Minneapolis area? Firstly, avoid anything that will draw attention to you for the wrong reasons; that means brightly colored or wacky suits are out. Your choice up suit should reflect your own sense of style. Women don’t like men who suit up in Minneapolis and try to be someone they’re not; don’t try too hard and above all make sure your choice of suit matches the occasion. It’s essential however that whatever you choose to wear when you to suit up in the Twin Cities, it has to fit well; a poorly fitting suit is not a pretty sight. An ill-fitting suit doesn’t just look unsightly, but can be uncomfortable; you won’t enjoy your dinner date or night out as a result if you’re fidgeting or concentrating on how your suit lies all the time you’re out. For this reason it really does pay to get measured up each time you go to buy a suit to ensure that you are going to be able to walk about and do everything you would need to do while wearing your suit. A suit that fits well can also really flatter anyone’s appearance.