Long ago the Tie began as a signal of military rank. In today’s world the tie is more than a symbol of rank. It shows the individuals personal style and helps to define who they truly are. There are many considerations when choosing a possibly tie and suit combination. The Art of Manliness has drafted up an excellent article covering everything you need to know about selecting ties.

From the width of the tie itself to choosing a specific knot to colors patterns and lengths AOM will guide you to picking the perfect tie for any occasion. Whether you need a tie for a wedding, job interview or a night on the town this guide will make finding the right tie a breeze and hassle free. Selecting a tie does not have to be difficult gentleman. Get out there, find a tie, and suit up! Don’t wait any longer, Click Here to get on with finding a tie so that you can buy a tie!

Find a tie, buy a tie, pick out a tie

What is it about the ties that have made them an absolute essential for a Men’s formal attire? Does it not look like a useless piece of cloth hanging around the neck? Well here is a reality check for those who have not noticed yet; firstly, ties increase your vertical perception so that you look taller. Aesthetically, they cover a shirt’s buttons, add richness and completeness to your wardrobe, and finally, a silk tie can add more color and greatly reflect your personality. So think again the next time you decide to remove ties from the list of essential items to acquire at your favorite clothing store.
Many people are afraid of wearing ties because they are afraid they won’t find a tie that suits them. This article will provide you a widely acceptable guideline to buy ties.

Solid Color Ties

To start off with, every person should have at least a solid colored burgundy, navy colored or a rich grey colored tie. These solid colored ties are a sure thing when it comes to looking chick in a white shirt and a dark suit. Also, they offer a perfect substitute for a bow tie on formal evening, especially if they are made of pure woven silk.

Unusual Colored Ties

It is not very easy to pull off a look with an unusually colored tie like pink or lime green, and most of the traditional suit wearers will look very strange wearing a candy colored tie. However, for those who have a bit of a fashion sense and a desire to stand out from the crowd, these colors are a must. A well fitted suit, trendy shoes, matching accessories and ties of a funky variety can truly make your upbeat personality pop out to everyone around you. Good choice for cocktail parties. But only get these ties when you have the complete three piece suit in mind and a whole range of other colors already available.


When it comes to Patterned ties, we urge you to exercise some judgment. Floral patterns will obviously not go in a sales pitch, and a solid pink color will look very inappropriate at a funeral.
If you like to buy ties with patterns, go for generic shades and avoid extremely unique patterns. Go for patterns that can go well with the most shirts in your wardrobe. Cartoon ties with Spiderman or Goofy aren’t the best options for classy dressers.

Ties to Avoid

We mentioned earlier that unusual patterns and very bright colors are to be avoided. Let’s build up on this list and talk about other hard to pull ties.
Pencil ties and other narrow width ties look immature and give a perfect impression of an eager junior assistant. Buy wider ties to give a more complete image of your personality, but do not buy ties that are too wide. A good measure of appropriateness is to compare the narrow end of the tie with the width of your shirt collar. The tie should come out slightly shorter.
Also, to avoid are leather cord cowboy ties unless you live in Tennessee area and wear cowboy boots and hats everyday!

Price Does Matter

The essential material for a quality tie is 100% hand woven silk. These ties will be supple and yet tough, they will have a radiant glow about them and the quality will be apparent. Also, quality ties are cut across the fabric so when you tie them they should fall straight forward. You can check this by placing the ties across your palm. If it is not cut across the fabric it will curl up.

Other types of ties include those made of cotton. These ties go well for everyday office wear if the weather is hot and humid or you are wearing a blazer.