Find a Suit that Fits

One of the largest concerns while shopping for a suit is being able to find a suit that fits. To a majority of people a suit is just a suit and nobody will be able to tell the difference from a suit that fits too loosely or a combination that is not proportionate to your body size. To the trained eye a modern suit jacket should fit snugly around the shoulders, hug your ribs and slightly flair out towards the bottom end.

While trying to find a suit that fits you may wish to consider putting your local tailor to work. These men or women are trained extensively in their craft and can make the necessary alterations to have you looking your best. After you have found a shop to purchase your suit it is often best to ask if they have in house tailors that are familiar with the product they are selling. Don’t fear if your favorite shop doesn’t offer in house service, a competent alterations expert is usually just a Google search away.

If you are one of the lucky few who can find a suit that fits right off the rack you can usually do away with any alterations. However, just because it appears a great fit and the salesman is pushing for the sale, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. You never know when you might show up for a job interview and the executive conducting the interview is a men’s suit connoisseur . He may very well notice immediately the small flaws of fitment in your off the rack suit and assume you are careless in your appearance.