When it comes to the suit up, most men think about a two piece suit or at most a three piece suit with a matching tie. Similarly, when it says on the card that a black tie must be worn, then you know that a tuxedo with a black tie is to be taken out and when it says formal, any darker shade is appropriate.
The major issue arises when guys dress up, look into the mirror and see a spark missing. The suit might fit perfectly but it lacks something that will truly make it stand out. This is where accessories step into the picture. But you are warned, wear them incompetently and you will give an aura of a fresh graduate.
Wearing the right accessories means that you should buy those that are dark and shiny with subtle patterns and stripes. Let’s consider:


Jewelry has been used to adorn clothing from times immemorial. Cufflinks are the modern equivalent of the traditional uncut jewelry worn by nobility and as such is a sign of sophistication and propriety. Start your dress with a white shirt with a French cuff. This shirt almost always goes well with cufflinks. Silver cufflinks or stainless steel cufflinks are best. You can alternatively get cuffs made from a local jeweler by giving her two label pins you have previously bought.

Pocket Square

Pocket square and handkerchief add color to your otherwise classy but plain suit. If you feel the need to wear a pocket square, there is a formal party or a dinner or some classy evening event you can go for a dark navy blue or a grey square with light linear patterns. When you are not sure which color to wear you should always choose white.
However, you need to be careful with the placement of the square, there are tons of tutorials available out there demonstrating elaborate folding methods that usually over fold the square. Keep it simple, do not over fold and do not shove it in your breast pocket. Instead place it squarely on top of a table and pinch it from the center, rise it up and at the same time fold it in half. Next, insert it gently in the pocket and you have a natural plume look.


Besides serving a very handy purpose of giving you the right time a wrist watch is an essential part of a man’s evening dressing. But even here you must exercise caution; expensive diver watches or aviation watches with altimeters may look fancy outdoors but at an evening reception they will not do at all.
You need a square faced, subtle watch with a leather strap. Forget the steel chain or bracelet; a fine jacket only goes with a fine leather strap.

Leather Belt

Everyone wears belts and chances are that you probably have a couple of leather ones you wear to work. Then why should you invest in another belt? Well, a belt wears out as times passes, people may not notice it in general but ‘she’ might notice. Buy a genuine leather belt and only use it for special occasions.

These accessories have been recommended only for formal occasions as they give a man a complete look. Also since you will be wearing them infrequently these will stay with you for many years and thus are a good value for money. Above all they will complete your dress code and change the way you feel. They will add more confidence and give you purpose. Good luck!