With savings of up to 50% available, it’s no surprise that more of us are looking to buy a suit online. While it might seem a risky business to buy a suit online, following a few easy steps can help to ensure that you are not amongst those who have to return their purchases made over the internet; that said it always pays to choose an online store that has a robust returns policy, just in case the worst should happen.

Always make sure that you know exactly what your measurements are for a suit before making an online purchase. Rather than rely on the sizing of your existing suits, visit a local tailors or department store to get the relevant measurements taken and while there try on some suits with the corresponding measurements to be absolutely sure that the suit will fit as you expect. When selecting a suit the safest bet is to choose a plain color rather than one with a pattern, as unless you have seen the exact same suit in a store it is difficult to determine what the pattern really looks like if only viewed online. It is worth considering lesser known brands of suit, as these are often manufactured in the same factories as suits made by the famous names, so you can expect the same quality of workmanship, but at a fraction of the price. If you do have your sights set on a designer label, it is still possible to get good deals on these online and if you are lucky you might be able to take advantage of a “buy a suit get one free” deal. When your suit does arrive be sure to check it is a good fit and that all the stitching is as it should be; that way a return can be made if necessary. Your suit might have come with the option of a free alteration if needed, in which case make use of this generous offer as required. However, don’t forget to use your local tailor, as they will be able to make adjustments to your suit to make it the perfect fit.

The internet will throw up countless suggestions when you type in your intention to buy a suit online; even searching for “buy a suit get one free” will leave you spoilt for choice. It can be difficult to sift through so many suggestions, especially when they all appear to have such good offers. If you’re looking for anything online, there’s a good chance that Amazon will stock it and this extends to suits. With hundreds of suits to choose from, it should be easy to find the style of suit that you are after from this extensive collection; a lot of the usual brands are represented, but they stock suits to fit every budget. However, if you are after a “buy a suit get one free” deal, you will probably need to look elsewhere. Megasuits.com currently have a “buy one get one free” deal on a wide range of two and three piece suits, so whatever style, color and fabric you are looking for, you shouldn’t be disappointed by what this online retailer has to offer. An even better deal that has recently been available is by Jos A Banks online store, where you have been able to buy one suit and get another two free. However, a word of caution regarding these very tempting deals; do your homework before parting with your hard earned cash. Unfortunately some online retailers can mark up the price of their suits in these offers, so you are not actually getting the good bargain that you thought you were.