Had a long day at work and want to hit the bar on your way home? Have a date at the bar? Want to meet up with the guys at the bar? Suit up for the bar and head out for an evening of fun and frolic. While selecting a suit keep in mind the fact that you’re going there to hang out and relax and your suit must reflect that. So when you suit up for the bar, opt for something with a modern cut with classic impact. Avoid wearing an odd colored suit. While you may want to be noticed, it shouldn’t be for the wrong reasons. Popular color choices include black, navy blue, grey and brown. If you like you can also experiment with pinstripes which make a traditional suit more interesting. However, you can play with color while selecting the right shirt and a matching tie when you suit up for the bar. Keep in mind that a suit is something that is purchased together so it is wiser not to mix and match any pair of trouser with any jacket. Your suit for the bar should not look like two separate pieces of clothing just thrown together. When you wear a suit to the bar it is important that it should fit you right. If a suit fits you off the rack, you are lucky. Otherwise it is essential that your bar suit be a tailored one just for that perfect fit. Or you can always look at alteration as an option. When you suit up for the bar it is because you want to have fun. So it is important that you are comfortable in your suit. Accessorize your bar suit smartly with a trendy watch and a trendy tie to complete the look.