Buying a proper suit for the first time is an apprehensive question for every man. It is seemingly simple – you have hundreds of designers out there, where all you have to do is enter a shopping store one day with a credit card and seal the deal. But you should know the basics of designer brands since you will be spending hundreds of dollars on their products. Below is a list of several well known American suit designers that you should be aware of:

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein represents the very idea of the American dream in its diverse range of products. From Unisex perfumes, men’s underwear and suits to high fashion collection labels, brands have categories to suit all needs, especially if you are looking for a reliable and trendy suit.
A designer suit from Calvin Klein means that it is not the right suit to wear at work. Slim lapels, smooth lines and fine fabric make this suit ideal for cocktail parties or receptions. The brand has a range of product lines starting from Calvin Klein white label, ck by Calvin Klein, and Calvin Klein black Label being the top tier designer line of the three.

Tommy Hilfiger

These are conservative and take on a more traditional approach to suit wearing. They emphasize on three button models, are traditionally cut, high neck line and modernly spaced pin stripes, which makes them ideal as business suits or for a job interview.
The fabric used is wool or wool blends and the color availability is limited to widely-accepted neutral colors that are usually found in suits. They will be slightly pricier than the Calvin Klein range of the same tier.

Hugo Boss

The Hugo Boss Black line consists of suit models that are designed for business men and women. However, these suits are ideal for almost any occasion – such is their versatility.
The material used in Boss suits comprise of wool, cotton, linen etc., which gives these suits such versatility. But the colors used are trendy hues of a traditional form, which not only adds diversity but gives it character. These suits can range from $500 to upwards or $1000, depending on how recent the model is.


Giorgio Armani is an Italian designer who has kept his house open to American and British designs. Combined with the traditional Italian heritage, Armani suits are among the most famous worldwide. From double breasted to British style two piece suits and finally the sac style suit, Armani has it all.
The materials used in Armani suits are mostly of the finest variety, which explains why the suits move upwards from $1000. Yes, they are pricey but that’s because they are giving out a calm and cool fashion statement with the finest fitting and material.
Don’t worry about your purchase if it is an Armani. Get it and tailor it to your body size and flaunt it.


A Versace suit is talked about on rap videos and is considered synonymous for glamour. It has more sex appeal than any of the brands mentioned above due to the aggressive marketing done by the house.
Gianni Versace really took time out to give these suits the ideal European look and it shows. The class and cut of these suits is trendy, up-to-date and sometimes ahead of its time.
These suits are made of worsted wool, linen and cotton, and mostly contain traditional wool. The coloring however will always be seasonal and reflective of the company’s current lineup. However, the price varies considerably, so be sure to check the quality of material you are getting before you finalize a purchase.