With the increase in quality of lifestyle and the work required to maintain it, people it seems are always pressed for time. This lack of availability of time means we have less time than we used to for suiting up. Now with the arrival of the dotcom boom, the powerful tech companies realized in the beginning that their employees work a lot better when they are relaxed and in casual attire. Phrases like:

“The days of wearing a suit all the time are outdated.”
“Appearances are irrelevant, results are what matter.”

You must have heard either of these two phrases at some point in your professional life because what happened after the dotcom boom was that its corporate culture trickled down and prospered, to a varying degree, in every work environment irrespective of industry. Phrases like “casual Fridays” or “casual Saturdays” are more common now than “dress to impress!”

But the fact of the matter is that our opinions about others depend a lot on their personal appearance. We take 3 minutes to size a person we meet for the first time, even before that person starts talking and the next 3 minutes reaffirming this image about the person. The phrase, “Dress to Impress” is never going to fall out of fashion. Why? Let’s find out.

Suiting Up to Transform

It is beyond doubt that dressing to meet the occasion can have a transforming effect on the state of our minds. Suit up for a party and you get into a party mode, you feel confident and social, dress up shabbily and you actually don’t feel like putting in a lot of effort. Women have been dressing up just to ward off morning sickness for they feel energized and confident after the ritual.

Dressing Professionally to Self Discipline

Ever wondered why soldiers pay meticulous attention to their dress code? Shiny boots do not win battles but maintaining polished boots and clean buttons ensure that a soldier is instilled with the need to stay in discipline, in top shape and to pay attention to detail. They learn to incorporate practice, time management and effort in all aspect of their lives so that they practice the same discipline learned in the battlefield.

Suiting Up for Respect and Authority

Step inside a bank wearing a Bermuda shorts and t-shirt and notice how you get treated by the staff. Now step in the bank wearing a crisp suit, you will notice a very visible difference in the treatment you receive. Dressing smartly will get looks of admiration from passersby but for people you are involved with on a daily basis you will represent a person of respect and authority. You must have noticed how sharply dressed a lawyer is when fighting a case or a football team manager is in the sidelines or the way a pilot is dressed up or even a policeman. All these people have a particular way of suiting up and they stick by it because people identify and respect them through their clothing.


There are and have been men in the world that are known for being role models for success partly due to the extra attention they gave to their appearance. Winston Churchill, perhaps the greatest Briton to ever live, knew how to wear a polka dot bowtie, Ronald Reagan always dressed in an effective manner in power suits, Sean Combs also known as P.diddy has inspired the younger generation to wear the classical 3 piece suit look in a fashionable manner.

You should not judge a book by its cover. However, if the cover of the book is good it does attract a lot of attention and when coupled with excellent content the combination is destined for success. While quality of work is important being suited according to the occasion is just as important if not more.