If you’re going on that big date it is important for you to dress well so that you can make a good impression. The smartest thing to do is find a suit for a date that will do exactly that. Whether it is your first date or simply another chance to impress the woman in your life, selecting the correct suit for a date is essential. Being fashion conscious and trendy, men now have a wide range of suits to choose from which can help when you try to find a suit for a date. When selecting your suit, keep in mind where exactly you will take your date – to lunch or for dinner. Then once you decide on the venue you will need to find a suit for a date that is appropriate. If your date is at an above average restaurant then you will have to get dressed in a classy suit. It is important that you show your date that you have made an effort while selecting your clothes without going over the top with it. Your date should not feel that you have put more thought and given more time to dressing up than she has. Yet when you choose a suit to wear on a date you should create a positive impact. Along with a suit for a date your focus should be on a smart and stylish pair of shoes as women tend to look keenly at footwear while forming an impression. Also a decent wallet makes an impact when you take it out to pay the bill. Do not forget to dab on a good after shave. Find a masculine and classic fragrance that will send out the right message. Go ahead, wear your smart suit on your date and enjoy every moment of it.