Diet Tips to Look Great in a Suit

We’re all busy, so it’s no surprise that we tend to grab food on the go and will often choose convenience foods for our evening meal once we eventually get home. However, this reliance on high fat, high calorie food can take its toll on our waistline. While we might turn a blind eye to this, when you have a special occasion on the horizon where you want to look your best, it’s time to waken up. Being overweight is no excuse not to take care of your appearance and being smartly dressed is as important as ever. If you will soon need to wear a suit again and want to shed some pounds to look your best, try the following five diet tips along with regular exercise to help you on your way.

Eat a balanced diet. There are lots of fad diets about which encourage us to cut out certain foods altogether from our diet. Although these do allow weight loss to occur, they are restrictive so are difficult to follow in the long term and can leave your body lacking in certain nutrients. While you want to lose the pounds to get into your suit, you don’t want to store up problems for your health further down the line. The best approach is to follow a balanced diet, where meals contain moderate amounts of carbohydrates (cereal, bread, potato, pasta and rice provide fibre and various vitamins), protein (meat, poultry, fish, eggs, peas, beans and lentils provide iron and zinc) and dairy produce (milk, yoghurt and cheese provide additional protein, as well as calcium), complimented with lots of fruit and vegetables.

Choose foods low in fat. As fat has over twice the calories per gram as protein and carbohydrate, as a general rule foods lower in fat also tend to be lower in calories; it is cutting calories that will help you to look great in a suit. All carbohydrates are low in fat, but watch the fat you add to them – choose a reduced fat margarine, be sparing with it on bread and try not to add any to potatoes, use skimmed milk on cereal and have tomato based rather than creamy sauces with pasta.Although red meat is higher in fat than poultry and fish, removing the visible fat significantly reduces its content; be sure to avoid processed meats such as sausages and burgers, as these are much higher in fat. Low fat yoghurt, reduced fat soft cheese and cottage cheese all make a useful addition to skimmed milk to ensure you receive adequate calcium. Avoiding high fat snack foods such as crisps, pies, cakes, chocolate and biscuits goes without saying. When looking at food labels check the number of grams of fat per 100g of product and select those with fewer than 3g of fat wherever possible.

Ditch the sugar. As sugar simply provides empty calories, replacing sugar with an artificial sweetener will help you achieve the weight loss to wear your suit. Don’t rely on sugary soft drinks when your energy levels dip, as they will only temporarily pick up you up and provide excess calories to boot. Instead make sure you have regular meals to keep your blood sugars stable and select low sugar soft drinks.
Watch your portions. Even if you choose lean protein and wholegrains, which are low in fat and rich in nutrients, you can have too much of a good thing, as these can contribute extra calories which won’t help you to lose weight. To help you fit into your suit, as a guide for weight loss aim for a fist size of carbohydrate at a meal and protein equivalent to the size of a deck of playing cards.
Fill up on fruit and vegetables. Not only are these packed full of vitamins and minerals, they are low in calories, yet high in fibre. This means that while you might be reducing portions of protein and carbohydrate, you can add extra vegetables to your plate to keep you feeling full without having to worry about the scales. Although fresh vegetables can take some preparation, those frozen and tinned are just as nutritious and a great option for when time is limited. When you’re tempted to reach for a chocolate bar or packet of nuts as a snack to get you through the afternoon, remember the suit you’re wanting to wear and make sure you’ve got some fruit in your desk drawer for these times.

Having shed your excess weight it’s time to get suited up and enjoy the new slimmer you. However, don’t let yourself slip back into old habits once the function is over.